These apps are a perfect way to keep busy this Labor Day

Running out of things to do while we wait out whatever it is this pandemic will bring next? We've got some ideas on how to keep yourself sane, as well as some apps that can improve your quality of life one click at a time in these bundles on sale for a very limited time. Learn a new trade, buff up your writing skills, even score. sweet, inexpensive VPN all for less than the price of whatever it is you were planning on anxiety purchasing next (step away from the Amazon shopping cart, that second carrot juicer isn't worth it). Happy learning!

StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access – $40; originally $1,495

School isn't in session for you right now (because you're an adult and bogged down with student debt), but that doesn't mean you can't master a sweet new skill. This app allows you to browse over 1,000 courses straight from your couch. 

Scopio Authentic Stock Photography: Standard Lifetime Subscription – $20.30; originally $3,480

Life isn't always black and white, and neither are your projects. This subscription opens your eyes to a library of over 400,000 photos to use for any work or personal assignment. Plus, they're all royalty-free, so you don't have to worry about being hit with fees.

The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone – $199 with code ROSETTA20; originally $844

This is a triple deal for the price of less than one. Learn one (or all) of 24 new languages offered on Rosetta Stone while also keeping your network safe with an unlimited VPN. Done with the linguistics? Take in a 400-page book in less than 12 minutes, that's part of this deal too.

AdGuard VPN: 5 Year Subscription – $29.99; originally $359

Need a VPN fast? This one is available in 40 locations worldwide and can connect to up to five of your devices. How's that for ultimate security?

The Bestselling ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle – $179.99; originally $1,899

Got a bright idea? We know you've been working on that novel for what feels like years, so let this bundle provide you with tips, tricks, and tools on how to improve your grammar, strengthen your writing skills, and develop your writing style.

NeuroNation Brain Training: 1 Year Subscription – $32.99; originally $84

Between the social distancing and pandemic anxiety, your brain has become a whole pile of mush. Train it to get back into tip-top shape with games, exercises, and daily tools so you can go back to the office with confidence you didn't leave the oven on at home. 

The Lifetime Backup And Security Subscription Bundle – $79.99; originally $3,799

We've got a lot to have anxiety over in 2021, but nothing is scarier than a breach of your digital security. This VPN and backup software bundle makes sure all of your important files are always neat and tidy where you left them.

Starter Story – Business Case Studies And Stories: Lifetime Subscription – $79.99; originally $1,612

Ready to start your own business? This software allows you to hear stories, seminars, and get tips from over 3,500 case studies posted that will successfully help you build your brand. 

mSpy Mobile Phone Tracker: Lifetime Subscription – $119.99; originally $3,599

Worried about your kids' internet usage? Even if you're not, it's always good to have an eye on their digital whereabouts, just in case things go sour fast. This app allows you to get updates on everything your kiddo is up to without paying a private eye. 

Prices subject to change.