12 machine learning courses that can help you start a career in just about any industry

Whether you're looking to learn some of today's AI systems to beef up your resume or are hoping to head on a new career path because you're so bored of your current desk job you could cry, mastering the art of machine learning may just be what the doctor ordered. 

Unlike a lot of other hard skills out there, machine learning is imperative in just about any industry you can think of, whether it be healthcare, e-commerce, financial services, or even government jobs. And if you'd like to broaden your career horizons in a big way, this incredible 12-course bundle on machine learning can prove to be life-changing. 

Never requiring you to step foot in a traditional classroom, The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle covers everything you'd possibly need to know to hold all kinds of coveted positions that require a background in some form of AI. For one, you'll take a deep dive into Python, one of the most popular coding languages in use today. You'll also explore R, where you'll learn about neural networks, important frameworks, and other essential systems big data is based in.

Each course in this jam-packed bundle is carefully curated for learners of all experience levels, based on today's thriving industries that rely on AI to function. From highly-rated best-selling authors and data scientists to tech experts with decades of experience under their belts, you'll learn from some of the best instructors around what machine learning is all about. 

Instead of taking your machine learning education into your own hands, getting lost in thick textbooks and boring tutorials online along the way, The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle offers you engaging, useful lessons, complete with hands-on exercises and nearly 80 hours of content. The courses also offer training in important certifications, setting you up for greatness right from the start. 

Get The Premium Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Super Bundle at the deeply discounted price of $36.99, which comes out to about $3 bucks a course!