Get a jolt of electricity when you need it most with this host of on-sale power stations

The weather (among other things) has been absolutely atrocious this past year, and no one knows heartbreak more than someone who was five minutes away from finishing a major project when the power decides to take its final bow for an undisclosed amount of time.

This set of power stations are yours for the taking on sale and ensure you'll never lose power when you need it most. Most can even be taken on the go for when you have a bright idea elsewhere and only 1% on that computer. Grab one before the next big storm decides to make its way to a weather system near you.

HomePower ONE: Backup Battery Power Station – $949.99; originally $1,299

Sure, you may feel safe that the power in your house is pretty sturdy, but mother nature has been known to bring other plans. This power station brings you up to seven days of extra power, 3 AC outlets, 2 USB-C outputs, a USB-A with 5V/2.4A, USB-A with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and a car outlet with 12V/10A, so you can cover all of your electronic bases.

Generark Solar Generator: HomePower ONE + SolarPower ONE – $1,399; originally $1,897

As we know by now, everything's expensive, including that hotel trip you're going to have to make if your house electricity goes down for more than a few hours. Avoid that with this bundle including the HomePower ONE and a solar panel that gives off 50% higher energy conversion efficiency than the traditional solar cells. You know, because saving the planet and all.

EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel – $289.99; originally $399

The risk of losing power on the road is low, but never zero. So when your portable generator goes, so does the whole camping trip. This tiny solar panel gives you more than enough power to get going fast.

EcoFlow DELTA Power Station – $1,149.99; originally $1,399

We get it: Some days you just want to take the power with you. There aren't many nice days left, so spend them outside without worrying about losing charge. This power station charges up to 13 devices at a time and recharges using solar power. Talk about a warm-weather BFF.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station – $629.99; originally $649

Looking for a portable power station smaller than the rest? We've got you covered. This baby is not only super tiny but can power most kitchen appliances up to 80%, so you know it packs a punch.

EcoFlow RIVER Power Station with 110W Solar Panel – $748.99

Another power station and solar power combo, this set has patented X-Stream technology, which enables fast rechargeability that takes less than an hour, an extra battery just in case, and is waterproof. Take that, Mother Nature and your bad days!

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Power Station with 110W Solar Panel – $979.99; originally $1,049

Need something a little stronger? No sweat, this deal has you covered. Equipped with everything included in the above deal, this one comes with the River Pro, which extra battery takes the charge from 720Wh to 1,440Wh. Yeah, it's got the power for sure.

ROCKSOLAR Adventurer RS328 100W Portable Power Station – $164.99; originally $180

Perfect for photographers, work from home nuts, and anyone else who likes to do their business from the road, this power station has a handle for easy carrying and includes two AC power outputs, three 12-volt DC power outputs, and five USB power ports. You'll never want to go back to the office again (we sure don't).

ROCKSOLAR Nomad RS650 400W Portable Power Station – $363.99; originally $449

Okay, campers — we know you've got everything under control for the most part, but you can't go totally off the grid (especially after a few days of sharing a composting toilet). This power bank is great to use with all of your camping needs including lift jacks, air pumps or inflators, and vacuums, as well as your typical essentials of personal electronics, air mattress pumps, fans, and mini-fridges on the go.

ROCKSOLAR Ready RS420 200W Portable Power Station – $183.99; originally $229

Whether you need to be found, forgot a flashlight, or just need some brightness on a gloomy day, this power bank not only gives a hand to all of your electronics but also includes an ultra-bright LED flashlight that can cycle between two different brightness settings. Even if you don't want to be found, it's still nice to have a little light when traveling through the great beyond.

ROCKSOLAR Utility RS630A 300W/500W Portable Power Station – $247.99; originally $330

Alright, handy people, we've got your new favorite tool. Not only can this power source backup your favorite electronics, but it's also great for things like power tools when you're on the job without a charge. And, with a self-cooling silent fan, you never have to worry about it being the most overworked person on your staff (that would continue to be you).

ROCKSOLAR Weekender RS81 80W Portable Power Station– $99.99; originally $110

Last but not least, this little guy comes in at just two pounds but can still pack a massive jolt of electricity to any phone, tablet, camera, laptop, and even a drone. With an AC power output, 12-volt DC power output, and 5 USB power ports, this is something you're not going to want to leave at home when venturing through the great outdoors.