A maniacal Bezos plots for world dominance with vulva-shaped space station in hilarious new sketch

Comedian Julie Nolke's "Explaining the Pandemic to My Past Self" was hands down her best sketch — until today's brilliant performance in "My Call with Jeff Bezos."

Nolke plays two wicked villains —a Russian crook named "Oksana" and Jeff Bezos — who have been conspiring together to take over the world. "How's the wife?" she asks, immediately followed by "Oh shoot, sorry."

But what Oksana really wants to talk about is the shape of Bezos' new "evil space station that your space ships will lock into." She is not happy with it. The Premium Utopia Station (PUS) looks just like what its acronym sounds like — a giant vulva.

"Uh, well, maybe it could be like another shape," Oksana suggests. "Like it could be like a circle, or maybe like a square."

"But the current design is quite efficient," the arrogant Bezos says.

"So, the ways that the rockets are docking into it, you know, maybe could come from this bottom portion instead?" she says. "Instead of going in the middle?"

"Well, that would be the garbage chute," Bezos says, as if it's obvious. "And you don't want to go in there. I mean, technically you could…"

The dialog is funny enough on its own, but the way Nolke comically channels Bezos (and Oksana!), from his hubris to his bug-eyed expression to his maniacal laugh, is what shoots this sketch up to the top of my favorite Nolke videos.