Underwater video of flamingos eating looks like a Pixar movie

This video from the San Diego Zoo of flamingos dipping their heads into water as they eat looks like a scene from a Pixar movie.

As described by the zoo, "these pretty in pink birds feed by sucking in water and mud at the front of their bills, then pumping it out at the sides. Briny plates called lamellae act like tiny filters, trapping shrimp and other small water creatures for the flamingos to eat."

From the San Diego Zoo:

Flamingos live in lagoons or large, shallow lakes. These bodies of water may be quite salty or caustic, too much so for most other animals. In some lakes, their only animal "neighbors" are algae, diatoms, and small crustaceans. That works in the flamingo's favor, as the birds dine on these small creatures!

…Long legs let flamingos wade into deeper water than most other birds to look for food.

(via Kottke)