This mini wood dock for your MagSafe charger offers a sleek way to keep it secure

For what it's worth, the past year and a half have given you a lot of opportunities to buy some really cool stuff for your desk setup. Maybe it came up in your targeted ads while you spent hours of the day scrolling, or maybe it was an anxiety purchase. Whatever the case may be, you've become a sucker for swag. And when it comes to swag, this MagSafe Solid Wood Mini Dock isn't something you should sleep on, especially if you're constantly losing your charger.

Need a new desk centerpiece? Or perhaps you're fed up with your MagSafe charger flopping around your desk at the slightest breeze. Whatever your affliction, this wooden dock is a perfect choice. With this dock's anti-slide design, your MagSafe now has a cozy home to rest on, ensuring it won't fall on the floor, attach to other magnetic items it isn't supposed to, or get lost in a shuffle of papers. Simply slide your iPhone laterally to keep your MagSafe charger in place. 

Need to loosen your charger from the dock? You can do so by picking up your iPhone vertically, which keeps the MagSafe attached to your phone. It's as easy as that. And, with the anti-slide nanosuction base and anti-scratch suede pad, you're guaranteed to not mess up your desk with scuffs or marks should your MagSafe want to make a break for it.

The best part is the minimalist design it brings to the table (no pun intended). The wood gives it a professional feel, while still being modern enough for countertops, night tables, even dorm rooms (which is probably the best place for one of these, since college kids can't even keep their masks on their face, let alone their things intact.)

Get the MagSafe Solid Wood Mini Dock for $14.99, down from $19.