Ikea to sell undermounted chargers that turn desks and shelves into wireless Qi points

The Sjömärke [Ikea] wireless charger turns your desk or shelf into a Qi wireless charging spot, so long as it's less than 22mm thick.

Do a magic trick and charge your phone directly on the tabletop or shelf. The secret is this wireless charger mounted hidden on the furniture – easy charging with technology that blends into your decor!

The Verge:

It's compatible with the latest Qi 1.2.4 baseline power profile, so you can expect it to perform within the range of standard 5W charging — no Samsung, Google, or Apple-specific improvements here. Still, it's impressive enough if you'd like to charge a phone by simply putting it on the desk where it already sits and not have to move anything else around. An Ikea spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the Sjömärke will be available in-stores and online in the US and other countries in October.