Get full use out of your DJI Phantom or Mavic drone with this videography training

Before we had access to drones, aerial videography and photography were really left to the professionals, or at least those who could afford the right equipment. But with superior tools, like the Phantom DJI Drone, taking breathtaking shots is completely possible — as long as you know what you're doing, that is.

Whether it's content for your YouTube channel or an independent creative project you've been working on, it's easy to feel like something is missing from your videos. But thanks to the seven courses offered in The All-in-One Phantom DJI Drone & Mavic Filmschool Bundle, you can get the skinny on all the tips and tricks professional drone-users rely on to get the perfect shot, even if you're a total newbie to this popular art.

Each of the bundle's seven courses is led by professional aerial photographer Laurence Seberini, a Phantom enthusiast who's passionate about helping fellow creatives take advantage of all the stellar functions this piece of machinery has to offer. And considering that students have rated Seberini with an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars, you can bet you'll learn a thing or two from his expertise.

Designed for drone users of different experience levels, each course is easy to follow and full of helpful information you'll continue to use as you create. You'll learn everything from how to take killer shots to how to make the most of the Phantom's great features, including its use of angles and time-lapse function, along with how to manipulate its functions so you're in complete control. There's even an entire course dedicated to editing your footage on Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, seeing you through projects from start to finish. 

With over 200 lessons, hours upon hours of course material, and downloadable PDFs you can continue to refer to over time, The All-in-One Phantom DJI Drone & Mavic Filmschool Bundle will help you reach new heights in your creative endeavors. And right now, it's deeply discounted to just $36.96, equating to less than $6 bucks a class.