The congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene yelled at yesterday speaks out

Remember Qnut Marjorie Taylor Greene's yelling spat on the Capitol steps that Jason posted yesterday? Well the woman she was barking at, Rep. Deborah Dingell (D–MI), tells her side of the story in this 2-minute vent-session on the MeidasTouch podcast.

Cliff Notes: "She was spewing — it had been a solid 10 minutes of ugliness, vitriolicness, hate, misleading statements, and I just went down and said, 'Why can't you be civil to your colleagues?' … I'm tired of bullies … and she bullies people. … There are times you just, enough's enough. I think all of us need to be really worried about the hate that is taking over this country … this hatred in our country needs to be stood up to by all of us."

Yesterday's performance: