This copy paste keyboard started as an April Fool's joke. Now you can buy one

Stack Overflow, a community help forum for programmers, announced a 3-button copy-paste keyboard as an April Fools' Day prank The joke is that programmers use a lot of existing code in their own programs, so this keyboard streamlines the process.

But programmers thought the keyboard was more useful than silly, so Stack Overflow is selling real ones for $29.

From CNet:

Enough people said they'd actually buy one that Stack Overflow, with help from keyboard aficionado Cassidy Williams and custom keyboard maker Drop, designed one for real and began selling it for $29. A portion of the keyboard sales' proceeds will go to Digitalundivided, a nonprofit set up to help Black and Latinx women succeed as technology entrepreneurs.

"Good artists copy, great artists steal, but [the] greatest artists copy, then paste," said Ben Popper, Stack Overflow's director of content, in a blog post.

The cool thing about this keyboard is that the three keys are configurable:

Stack Overflow The Key Macropad