Tiny LCD display hooks up to a keyboard and shows only one thing: four lines of text

Attention, distracted writers: Nick Sjolinder's BYOK is a single focus-writing gadget that hooks up to a keyboard and displays text and text alone. There's four lines of it on-screen, buttons to scroll up and down what you've written. It's charged with USB-C and has WiFi too, to get text off the BYOK and onto more capable devices.

Experience the seamless blend of nostalgic charm and modern functionality with the BYOK, designed to facilitate distraction-free writing through Bluetooth keyboard input, syncing over WiFi, and an array of efficient features that maximize focus and productivity. Enjoy distraction-free writing with BYOK's minimalist design, promoting a free drafting mindset that combats over-editing, allowing for a smoother creative process and improved productivity.

Separating keyboard from "simple writing gadget" is a surprisingly appealing idea. Looking forward to it.

BYOK [prelaunch.com]

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Correction: LCD, not e-ink