Watch a violent scuffle at a school board meeting after a man praises masks

After a man praises masks at a school board meeting in Eastern Carver County, Minnesota, things get ugly. The only accessories missing in the room are pitchforks.

It starts when one of the few masked people at the meeting, Jonas Sjoberg, 48, speaks at the podium (starts 39:33), thanking the board for requiring masks at school. "I wanted to share with you that the community that you see in the room might not be representative of the community that we serve," he says. "From the bottom of my heart I wanted to express gratitude to you — being in the position of hard decisions."

But his comments don't sit well with some of the unmasked folks. Once back in his seat, a hot-headed man sitting nearby wheels his chair right in front of Sjoberg and says, "What you just did is lie to the board!" Sjoberg gets up to get out of the way and the man tries to block him with his chair.

The loud commotion settles for less than 10 minutes, when Sjoberg sneak-snaps a photo of the aggressive gentleman with his phone (48:15). Notice the woman in back of him, who sees what he has done and whispers to those around her. Then watch the violent scuffle that ensues, in which people shout for the officers to come over and help. Even at (50:20) folks are shouting, "Delete the picture!" and calling him a "pervert.". All, apparently, because someone dared to thank their school board for keeping them safe.

Watch on vimeo here.

Via Daily Beast