Got a new iPhone 13? Here are 15 discounted MagSafe accessories to keep it juiced up

Don't you wish your iPhone came with better and more convenient charging accessories? Whether you need to upgrade your current accessories or get ones you've never had (or knew about before), you've come to the right place. From charging stands to charging trays, we've come up with 15 items that every Apple or Android owner will need. You'll also save an extra 15% when you use promo code VIP15.

MagSafe Wireless Charging Cable + 20W Adapter for iPhone 12 – $28.04 with code VIP15; originally $39

There won't be any mess of cables with this wireless charger. Its 20-watt output will charge your iPhone 12 quickly, and it's small, portable, and durable for easy storage. Plus, it comes with magnets that efficiently attach to your phone.

MagSafe Charger Silicone Cover – $10.19 with code VIP15; originally $24

Now you can protect your trusty MagSafe charger with this silicone cover that prevents dust, dirt, and water from damaging it. It's soft-to-the-touch and its 360° protection ensures your entire charger is safeguarded from damage. Plus, its anti-slip properties keep it attached to your charger.

OMNIA M2 Magnetic 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock with Power Adapter – $63.71 with code VIP15; originally $89

Charge your AirPods and iPhone 12 at the same time with this dual magnetic charger. It can charge your phone horizontally or vertically and is equipped with overcharging, overheating, and foreign object detection.

MagSafe Silicone Holder Stand – $16.99 with code VIP15; originally $24

This clever stand will turn your MagSafe charger into a mount so you can charge your phone while you are engaged in a phone call, watch videos, and more. It's compatible with the iPhone 12, can be used at home or while traveling, and is foldable for convenient on-the-go use.

5-in-1 MagSafe Wireless & Wired Charging Station – $46.71 with code VIP15; originally $79

Charge your AppleWatch, AirPods, and iPhone with this Qi-compatible charger. Now all of your devices will get a nice full charge at an arm's reach with this 5-in-1 charger. It has a USB-A port so you can also charge your tablet, extra phone, or other devices via cable and also functions as a stand and night lamp. 

NYTSTND DUO MagSafe Wireless Charging Station – $106.24 with code VIP15; originally $129

This classy charging station is made from premium-sourced wood, high-quality genuine leather, and bamboo. Its 5-coil full-surface charging area can charge up to two Qi-enabled devices simultaneously, and it has an additional USB-A port so you can charge another device. Plus, it has a foreign object detection (FOD) function, overheating, overpressure, and overcurrent protections.

NYSTND QUAD TRAY MagSafe Wireless Charging Station – $185.29 with code VIP15; originally $234

This tray is a 4-in-1 charging tray that can charge 3 devices at once with its 5-coil full surface area. Not only can you charge your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once, but you can also store essentials such as your wallet or keys in this tray. Another great thing about this tray is that it can charge through phone cases up to 5mm thick, so you won't have to remove the case to juice up your device.

NYSTND TRIO MagSafe Wireless Charging Station – $144.49 with code VIP15; originally $179

You can charge your AppleWatch, iPhone, and AirPods at the same time on this classy-looking charging station. Its Qi wireless charging has a 5-coil full surface charging area for two devices and of course, a separate area for your AirPods. This station is equipped with a nonslip base, can charge through cases up to 5mm thick, and has overheating, overpressure, overcurrent, & foreign object detection functions.

XVIDA Magnetic Wireless Power Bank – $33.99 with VIP15; originally $49

Charge your phone without any mounts, wires, or stands with this power bank that attaches to the back of it. It's made with MagSafe magnets with 25% more magnetic strength and has a 0-80% power capacity in just 35 minutes. Plus, it's slim and compact so it won't make your phone too bulky. 

MagSafe® Solid Wood Mini Dock – $12.74 with code VIP15; originally $14.99

This minimalistic charging dock is perfect for those who don't want their charging devices taking up a lot of space on their desk or table. You can pick up your iPhone vertically to keep the MagSafe attached, or slide your phone laterally to leave it on! It has an anti-slide nanosuction base and an anti-scratch PU suede pad so it won't damage your phone.

Piston Connect Mag MagSafe Compatible Charging Cable – $25.49 with VIP15; originally $29.99

This magnetized charging cable is made with anti-stress connectors and attaches to an aluminum base. It charges your iPhone 12 and 13 series devices but also works with Qi-enabled phones. As a bonus, the cord is 5 feet long, so you can charge it from a far distance!

LOGiiX Stance 2-in-1 Dock – $67.96 with code VIP15; originally $79

It's aesthetically pleasing and can fit in nicely with any home decor style. This 2-in-1 charging dock can charge your AirPods and iPhone 12 and 13 at the same time. It provides a tight hold and has 15 inches of adjustment for optimal viewing if you're watching a video.

LOGiiX Stance Mag: Apple MagSafe Charger Stand – $25.46 with code VIP15; originally $29

This stand is designed specifically for your MagSafe charger. It has accurate cutouts on the stand to ensure a snug fit for your MagSafe charger. Plus, it has a 55° viewing angle so you can charge your phone while you watch videos or TV clips. Its anti-slip silicone grip ensures your phone stays in place.

LOGIX Vent Mount Mag – $50.96 with code VIP15; originally $59

Just attach this to your car's air vent and your phone will be readily available for viewing. Not only is it a mount, but its 18W car charger can also charge your iPhone so you'll never run out of battery whether you're listening to music or using a GPS app.

HyperGear 5000mAh Magnetic Power Bank – $29.74 after code VIP15; originally $34

This power bank is small enough to slide into your pocket or purse pockets, has dual ports (one for fast charging), and is MagSafe compatible. Your devices will never run out of juice when you have this nifty charger on hand. Plus, it's universal, so it works with both Apple and Android devices.