Stay safe in the great outdoors with 6 deals on first aid and emergency kits

Got an itch to get outdoors and camp (or glamp, for those of us who are super creative)? We get that, and with the weather turning blistering cold before we know it, this is the sweet spot to get the last of your camping trips in (unless you love frostbite, in which case, camp with caution). While discovering new places with your pals is exciting, sometimes it can turn dangerous. With these deals on first aid and emergency kits, you'll never be caught without essential survival supplies.

MyMedic 10 Essentials Kit – $177.99; originally $250

Sure, emergencies happen at the drop of a hat, but if your 911 kit is soaked, you're SOL. This kit includes over 110 quality life-saving products and is packed in a waterproof bag, so even the rainiest days can't stop a save. Plus, it doubles as a flotation device in case you find yourself in rocky waters (literally and metaphorically).

Hiker Medic MedPack: 2-Pack – $42.99; originally $50

You don't need a doctorate to aid in an outdoor medical procedure. This two-pack of medical kits makes a great addition to your first aid set, containing an elite set of tools, bandages, and other necessities needed for aches, scrapes, and scars. Hiking safely has never been easier thanks to this kit.

MyFAK Basic First Aid Kit – $102.99; originally $120

Still without a first aid kit? Even though you're an experienced outdoors person, it's still ultra important to be prepared for falls, sprains, and anything else that may come your way unexpectedly. This kit includes everything from hydration pockets to bandages and even a full section dedicated to burns. Never walk away from camp without one of these bad boys in tow.

MyFAK Basic First Aid Kit (Large) – $214.99; originally $350

Need double the support? This is the same kit as above but it includes 200 pieces of first aid supplies. Perfect for families on the move, this can be stored in any camper, car, or disaster prep kit.

Pet Medic: First Aid Kit for Pets: 2-Pack – $42.99; originally $50

You could never forget about Fido, but even he finds himself in a bind every once in a while during your outdoor explorations. This pack includes enough wipes, wraps, and ointments to treat your fur baby in times of need until it's time to get them to the vet. Man's best friend is now fully protected thanks to this kit.

Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit – $107.99; originally $149

Last but not least, this little kit packs a punch in the emergency department. Perfect for large or small injuries, this pack measures 6"H x 8.1"L x 2.5"W, so it fits in any bag, compartment, or tent. Perfect for solo trips, you can protect yourself from the elements and their best shot at putting you in harm's way.