Michigan Rep. Daire Rendon wore a QAnon pin at pro-Trump protest

Michigan GOP lawmaker Daire Rendon revealed herself to be a member of QAnon, anti-Semitic pro-Nazi cult, notorious for a long list of failed predictions and which appeals to sociopathic sore losers with poor critical thinking skills.

Rendon was spotted wearing a Q pin at recent election protest Tuesday in Lansing, Michigan.

When a VICE News reporter asked Rendon about it. she explained that Q is a "a group of people who are digital warriors," who "pass information around and reveal information that's been kept hidden for a very long time," based on information from the "highest level of intelligence in the United States government."

From Vice:

When VICE News asked Rendon if she believed that top government officials were involved in a child sex ring, she said, "That's part of it." But she pivoted to other topics, including the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

"I think a lot of things happened in the last election. President Trump told us they're going to cheat, they're going to cheat. We realized that was the plan. And we knew that because it had happened before— only this time it was done at just a much higher level," Rendon said.

The usual question – is she stupid enough to believe this, or evil enough to pretend to believe it?