John McCain's daughter was the reason 'The View' was toxic

TMZ reports that folks from ABC have informed them US Senator John McCain's daughter was the reason for the toxicity that she has recently complained of in an audiobook that she is selling.


Our sources tell us Meghan was essentially forced out of her role after an internal investigation into the environment she describes — which we're told was, in fact, real … but mostly due to Meghan's behavior on and off camera, not her coworkers' — other way around.

Our sources say new ABC chief, Kim Godwin, did a thorough investigation — meeting with key stakeholders of the show, like talent and producers — and in the end, we're told she found Meghan was the source of a lot of the in-fighting that ultimately played out on the show … something Godwin had to address head-on in an emergency Zoom meeting.

Those on-camera blow-ups are well-documented, and even though a lot of the hosts are often seen bickering … we're told many at ABC feel Meghan was, more often than not, the instigator of these arguments — or she was the one who kept them going longer.

We should say, however, there are some execs at ABC who have confided in TMZ, telling us the environment was hostile and the bullying is what led to McCain's exit … so clearly, not all honchos feel the same way.

As for her departure … our sources didn't have details on the negotiations behind the exit, but we're told the bottom line is it wasn't simply her decision after hitting a breaking point. The network was ready to move on too.