This refurbished 6th-gen Apple iPad works, looks, and runs like new

Our world is dominated by mobile devices, some of which can even outperform laptops. When it comes to tablets, in particular, no one can seem to get their eyes off Apple's iPad. Whether the Mini or the Pro, iPads have long been some of the bestselling tablets to date. But as with all Apple products, the company loves pairing them with hefty price tags.

Still, there's no denying their quality internals, materials, and OS, and if you're not afraid of buying refurbished, you can get all of that without shelling out the Apple tax. Case in point, this 6th-gen iPad, which works like new and can be had for under $350

This refurbished Apple iPad 6th Gen sports Apple's A10 chip, so you can run desktop tasks like photo and video editing on the go. Despite all that power, this iPad delivers up to 10 hours of battery life on a full charge. Its 9.7-inch Retina display also gives you plenty of clarity and space to utilize its multi-touch controls. Of course, what would a tablet be good for without plenty of storage space? This mini powerhouse has a 128GB hard drive to download and store all of your favorite apps and media with plenty of room to spare.  

For those looking for a solid camera, this iPad boasts an impressive 8MP iSight rear camera that will take stunning photos wherever you go. You'll even be able to share your pictures, videos, e-mails, iMessages, or anything else with its Wi-Fi capabilities. You can go online by connecting to a traditional wireless network, or by linking up to a mobile hotspot.

For a 2018 model tablet, this tablet still packs a punch, and will keep up with the best for years to come. Best of all, this model was given a refurbished "A" grade, meaning it is in near-mint condition and has minimal to zero blemishes on the exterior, and the insides are as good as new.

Right now, you can pick up this Apple iPad 6th Gen for only $335.99, or 16% off.