How I acquired this eldritch tablet stand

I shuffled along the foggy streets of Los Angeles, my head hung low and my eyes unfocused. I didn't know where I was going. I had no destination, nor did I have any purpose. 

My eyes were drawn to a faint glow in the distance. I saw a man, or at least I think he was a man, but it was hard to tell when the only source of illumination was from the moonlight.

The figure gestured towards me with his long fingers. I cautiously approached, keeping my distance. We stood apart in silence for what seemed like hours. An awkwardness hung in the air heavier than a swarm of flies over a dead body.

The shadowy man turned away from me and I followed him into a vacant lot. I wondered what was about to happen to me. In front of us stood an adjustable Stand for Tablets and Smart Phones, the sign lit up brightly in red neon letters on top of it. The lights flickered off and on like it was breathing with life.

I took my iPad out of my pocket and set it on top of the stand. made of plastic, never thinking about if it was what I wanted or not. Now I have it, and I can't seem to rid myself of it.