Oops! Lauren Boebert confuses what state she represents

Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q–CO) is so busy babbling about ghosts, making cringe-worthy rap videos, and trying to defend herself against the #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb hashtag, she and her team plumb forgot what state she represents.

On Thursday, her campaign listed her as a representative of Utah on a form for the Federal Election Commission. Forbes noticed it and had to break the news to her and her campaign that she was actually a representative for Colorado.

From HuffPost:

"Thanks for reaching out," a spokesperson for Boebert, Jake Settle, said in response to an inquiry about the Forbes article that first reported on the filing. "I flagged this for our team!"

An earlier version of the report for the campaign's third quarter of 2021, filed Oct. 15, listed Boebert's state as Colorado. A revised version was filed Thursday and changed the state and congressional district from Colorado 03 to Utah 03, among other amendments. Following Forbes' report, the filing was edited again on Friday to say Colorado.