Get nearly $100 off an eSports-grade mechanical keyboard with this Pre-Black Friday Sale

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It's true — gamers can feel true pain, especially when they're dealt a crappy keyboard that can't keep up with their skills. Have a key that sticks? Doesn't have functions like volume control or monitor swapping? It can only copy and paste? Maybe some crumbs got in there and screwed up some of the mechanical parts.

No matter what, there's nothing quite like the ease of using a next-gen keyboard that combines precise mechanical performance with imperceptible input lag. It ups your game and makes typing a breeze. Luckily there are plenty of good deals on great keyboards like the Logi G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard, which you can get refurbished for only $50.15 when you use code SAVE15NOV.

Normally priced at $149, you'll save nearly $100 off an eSports-quality keyboard that features Logitech's Romer-G switches, wireless freedom, key customization, and 18 months of battery life so you'll always be playing at the top of your game. The Logi G613 is the top choice for eSports pro, with six keys dedicated to custom macros you'll be able to unleash a string of moves with just one press of a button. The LIGHTSPEED wireless with USB receiver gives you a 1ms report rate, so you never have to deal with game-losing lag again. Want to game on a notebook? No problem, as the Logi G613 can switch between LIGHTSPEED and Bluetooth to save your USB ports!

The Logi G613 has gotten rave reviews from customers and critics alike, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 after 4,000 reviews on Amazon. When Windows Central gave the keyboard a 4 out of 5-star review, they said "The G613 can keep up with intense gaming, but it's also been a delight to use for productivity purposes during the day. Key presses aren't hard enough that you'll experience finger fatigue, but they're not mushy and there is a definite actuation point you will feel. The complete lack of RGB lighting also means the keyboard isn't going to look out of place in a more professional setting. "

For only $50.15 you can get the mechanical keyboard beloved by professional gamers. Programmable macro keys, great tactile feel, and Bluetooth-capable wireless are great for any professional, eSports or otherwise.