This app easily manages your Apple devices and it's just $13 with this Pre-Black Friday Sale

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When the latest phone, computer, or tablet comes out, it's easy to feel the need to level up hardware. Upgrading devices is easy, but what about your data? If you're like the millions of people out there, you've probably found yourself trying to manage all of your devices like some kind of octopus. Some of those devices might be stored away in drawers because the photos and songs are too precious to let go of. 

iMazing iOS Manager gives humans the power to leave behind their octopus ways and take charge of their files. The technology makes it easy to transfer files between Mac or PC and various iOS devices wirelessly or with a USB cable. People who use it love the ability to update new devices with old data. Sound too good to be true? It's not. You can transfer music from your iPhone or iPad to your computer or from your computer to your iOS device without using iTunes.

Above all, the app is fast. Really fast. If you've ever used iCloud, iTunes, or Apple's native photo apps to access photos, you'd know that you could die and come back to life in the amount of time it takes for Apple's apps to load your photos from devices.

Imagine being able to transfer every embarrassing photo you have of your best friend to a new device without hassle. You can also print those photos for important events like weddings and birthdays with the app. If you live multiple lives (looking at you career aficionados), the app gives you the power to move your contacts seamlessly between your iPhone, Mac, or PC. This tool is exceptionally handy for personal assistants who can't keep track of their boss' growing Rolodex of contacts they can't remember. Busy and on the go? No problem. Accessing your iPhone's voicemail, call history, and voice memos has never been easier. 

Trustpilot gives this technology 4.8 out of 5 stars and for our Pre-Black Friday Sale, you can get 15% off the iMazing iOS Manager for you and/or that person in your life who can't get their life together. Yes. We all know an octopus who is trying to take charge of its devices. Just remember to apply code SAVE15NOV at checkout.