How people react when they think video of the real Lauren Boebert is an SNL skit

Jimmy Kimmel enlisted the help of Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert to troll, well, Lauren Boebert herself. All he had to do was show real video clips of her — such as the one in which she brags about giving birth in her truck — to passersby, pretending the clips were Saturday Night Live skits with an actress playing the part of Boebert. He then asked if SNL went too far, and their reactions are hilarious.

"I mean, it's over the top, but that's what SNL is supposed to be."

"I think she [Boebert] would feel like it's too far and be offended by it."

"I'm very disappointed to see that's how they [Hollywood] betray them [people in congress]."

"That was obviously scripted by whatever directors did all that. But I feel like the real Lauren would actually be, like, a little upset about that."

"She has family, she has kids … It's embarrassing for her, it's embarrassing for the country to see. They did go too far."

Just as funny were the people's expressions when they found out that the "actress" playing the gun totin' yahoo was, indeed, Boebert herself.

Starts at 5:30:

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