Boebert vapes again

Once again, Colorado Congressperson Lauren Boebert is accused of vaping in a place where vaping is not permitted.

The Daily Beast reports that Lauren Boebert has again decided the rules do not apply to her. Her ex-husband was just sentenced to probation, and her son is struggling with the legal system, but Boebert seems to pay things like rules or laws never mind.

The Colorado Republican wore an autographed MAGA hat to the Congressional Baseball Game and was spotted puffing away on an electronic cigarette in the stands at Nationals Park, where smoking is strictly prohibited, reported Politico.

The Major League Baseball ballpark makes "no exception for electronic cigarettes or any other type of smoking device."

Boebert was kicked out of a performance of the "Beetlejuice" musical last year at a Denver theater for vaping, which she denied until surveillance video showed the congresswoman pulling puffs from her vape pen, and a pregnant woman who had been seated behind her said she refused to stop vaping when asked.


Sadly, this appears to be a defining characteristic of current-era Republican "lawmakers." They've become obsessed with this constant erosion of the rule of law; be it brushing off criminal convictions or flaunting their rule-breaking in ways that'd get others in trouble, Republicans are the party of "more priviledged."

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