Hamill schools Boebert, reminding us why he's the chosen one

Legendary actor Mark Hamill uses Jedi sarcasm on Trump's bumbling acolyte Lauren Boebert.

Mark Hamill cleverly endorsed John Padora in the race for Colorado's 4th congressional district while reminding local voters that Boebert could use more time on her hands.

We already knew that U.S. congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) was vaping and distracting other theatergoers before being escorted out of a production of Beetlejuice in her home state Sunday night. Now, thanks to the good old enhance-and-zoom, we know she was fondling her date's penis and having her breasts pawed by him, all in view of other attendees at the family-age show.

Boebert cited the stress of her divorce for her behavior—that being a divorce from the man who was convicted for lewd exposure after flashing his penis at youngsters at a bowling alley. One of those youngsters was, of course, Lauren Boebert, who was so impressed by the behavior she later married him.

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