Beep beep! A roadrunner journeys across the US after hiding in a moving van

A roadrunner migrated from Nevada to Maine, not by running, not by flying, but by traveling as a stowaway in a moving van. Although the bird looked pretty good after its four-day journey stuck inside the van's storage area, volunteers stepped in and brought it to Avian Haven, a bird rehabilitation center.

From AP:

Avian Haven representatives said that they took the call about the bird Nov. 13 and that it continued to rest Tuesday. They said in a Facebook post that the bird was in "remarkably good shape" for having been stuck in a van for four days but might have lost weight during the journey.

The center is looking at ways to return the roadrunner to Nevada once it is healthy enough, said Diane Winn, Avian Haven's executive director.

The center has created a special habitat for the bird that is warmer than its typical outdoor areas while also being sufficiently roomy, the group said.