Beware on January 20, 2025, says Bill Maher

Bill Maher appeared on Cuomo's CNN show last night to talk politics and Covid, and how the two are inseparable. At the end of the video, Maher reiterated his warning that Trump has an excellent chance of overthrowing the government in 2025, because he'll have had four years of working with people in state and federal government who don't believe in the rule of law.

The time I'm worried about, that I keep talking about, is election day 2024 until January 20, 2025, Inauguration Day. because again, if Trump loses, he will not say he lost, that will never happen. He will never concede, as I said last time. But this time, it's not going to be like last time. I mean, he almost pulled it off last time and this time, he's had four years to get those people in place. So what happens on January 20, 2025 when he shows up for the inauguration and Joe Biden, or whoever the Democratic is, shows up for that inauguration? What happens then?That's when I want to be on vacation in London.