Marjorie Taylor Greene booed out of Virginia rally that ended 5 minutes after she arrived: "Go home!" (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene was booed out of town in Virginia yesterday.

The Georgia Congressbully rolled into an Albemarle County rally in a Trump-adorned bus with Trump-endorsed candidate John McGuire (who is running against Virginia MAGA Rep. Bob Good) — and things went downhill from there. As soon as Greene stepped off the bus, she was welcomed by folks who shouted, "Go Home!" and "No hate in our state," according to Daily Progress.

The crowd continued to shout insults at the gruesome twosome, with Marge using a bullhorn to shout right back. But her horn was no match for the much louder protesting that drowned her out. (See video below, posted by Morgan J. Freeman.)

Needless to say, her pitstop didn't last long. In fact, she and McGuire ditched their planned speeches and quickly made an about-face, high-tailing it out of there just five minutes after they arrived. Looks like another Trump-endorsed candidate down the drain.