Yum! Live maggots found by customers in a McDonald's restaurant, caught on video

How's about some live McMaggots to go with your Big Mac?

Some customers were treated to a maggot infestation at a McDonald's in Beckton, London, where fly larva made their way across a table and the floor. Twitter user Giles Jackson (@Giles_Jackson) recorded the scrumptious scene (video below), saying he would be getting a refund (whether that would be for the maggots or another menu item wasn't clear).

McDonald's has apologized for the unsavory critters, as reported by Yahoo!:

"Unfortunately, an incident occurred today at our restaurant in Beckton and we would like to apologise to any customers who were impacted. The restaurant was immediately closed, and a thorough investigation has found the root cause which has now been resolved."

"The restaurant remained closed throughout the day for the investigation and we brought in external specialists to carry out a deep clean. It will remain closed tomorrow as a precaution and for further cleaning. We have worked closely with our pest prevention company during this process."