Add flavor to your food with Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster savings on truffle sauces

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It's easy to find gifts for the techies or fashionistas in your life, but how about the self-proclaimed foodies? If you're looking to give a unique gift to someone on your holiday list that has an exquisite palette, look no further than the Trufflin Organic Black Truffle Ranch, Buffalo & Cold-Pressed Sriracha Trio Gift Set.

This Trufflin Trio Gift Set is perfect for those that like to liven up their dishes with a little spice with the authentic flavor and freshness of truffles. With this gift set, you'll get 3 truffle flavors that include: Black Truffle Ranch, Black Truffle Buffalo, and Black Truffle Sriracha. 

Black Truffle Ranch, which was featured in Oprah's Favorite Things, is made with all organic ingredients such as organic sunflower oil and natural preservatives to achieve the truest fresh and savory goodness of ranch. The complex balance between the organic herb & spice blend, and the earthiness of the black truffle makes it a great addition to more elevated dishes like baked fish or lamb rack.

Meanwhile, Black Truffle Buffalo blends cayenne and chipotle peppers from freshly harvested chilis. It's made with all-natural ingredients like raw organic honey, roasted garlic, peppers, and the signature truffle olive oil. It contains naturally fermented peppers with no preservatives added and is perfect for a dip for veggies tray or buffalo wings.

Finally, the Black Truffle Sriracha blends premium fermented chili peppers, savory spices, heart-healthy hibiscus and cold-pressed olive oil with zero added sugar. It's vegan, gluten and keto-friendly, and hot enough to awaken your palate, allowing the black truffle flavor to come forward

Each truffle flavors come in an 8.5-ounce bottle packed nicely inside an elegant gift box. 

If you're ready to give an elegant and tasteful gift this holiday, don't wait to grab this superb Trufflin Trio Gift Set at an awesome price. Get the Trufflin Trio Gift Set for $64.97 during our Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Sale!

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