This bundle of 12 Mac apps will make your Mac life a lot easier, and it's 40% off

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So, you spent a boatload of money on your new Mac and don't know what to do with yourself now, didn't you? While Macs can do a myriad of cool things standing alone without downloading any apps or programs, you need to level up your digital life, and living with the basics just puts its power to waste. You could just keep living life as is, that is, making things much harder for yourself, but then what was the point of buying a Mac?

Lucky for you, software isn't as expensive as it used to be, and The Complete Limited Edition Mac Bundle is going to make work and play life a hell of a lot easier fast; it's on sale now for a sweet Black Friday Price.

There's no need to be a total Mac geek to get behind these courses. With 12 different apps for you to take full advantage of 24/7, you'll score photo editing tools, password keychains, brainstorming software, and so much more. The bundle includes programs like Scapple, PDF Reader for Mac, Sticky Password, and a host of other Mac-centric apps that will make your Apple life far sweeter than it once was.

The apps include tricks and tools for people who aren't sitting in front of their Macs sun up to sun down as life depended on it. Yeah, see the people who casually use their computers and aren't a slave to the 9-5, and they can also benefit from this bundle as well.

XSplit VCam Premium

For instance, VCam Premium can help you make your personal or professional video calls less ho-hum and more exciting by replacing your video background with an image, video, webpage, or YouTube video.

Flame Painter 4

Speaking of getting creative, Flame Painter 4 allows you to create special effects and original artworks with particle brushes, so everything you put to digital paper can be done so with a light hand. Even if you do use these apps for work use, they make things a heck of a lot easier and more fun.

AppGameKit Studio

However, we can't possibly forget the Mac gamers out there, because there are many. For those who taking gaming to the next level, AppGameKit is an easy-to-learn game development engine, ideal for Beginners, hobbyists, and Indie developers who just want to be the next big thing behind the mouse.

And if you use your Mac for more high-tech things like working a high-stress job, applications like RealVPN, BuhoCleaner, and TextSniper are all going to help you make your work life a little easier. These apps protect your computer from hackers by using a private VPN, clean out memories of macOS Monterey & M1 Pro/Max Macs, and extract text from images and other digital documents in seconds, so your work-life becomes exponentially easier. 

This deal is not to be missed and rarely comes through the pipeline again, if ever. Get The Complete Limited Edition Mac Bundle for $17.99 (Reg. $1040) with code MACBUNDLE40.

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