Snag this wireless charger for under $50 this Cyber Monday

A few messes here and there is no big deal, but too much clutter at home or in your workspace can make you anxious, adding unnecessary stress to your already-buzzing mind. But with all the gadgets you have to charge every single day, it's not hard to cover every tabletop with multiple cables, chargers, and other devices. 

While you may not be able to do anything about your pending holiday-time stress, you can cut down on physical clutter, especially with handy gizmos like this StepUp magnetic wireless charging station. Not only can this thing charge your go-to Apple devices without ever forcing you to plug in a single cable, but it can also juice up three different gadgets at once, saving you tons of time as well as space.

The way the StepUp charger works is simple. Thanks to its innovative use of magnets, this hub can hold onto Apple devices without ever requiring you to plug in a thing. Whether it's your iPhone 12 or 13, your AirPods, or even your Apple Watch, replenishing their batteries is as easy as placing them right on top of the charger. 

The wireless charger is incredibly portable, allowing you to stick it anywhere you want, from your nightstand to your desk at work. And thanks to its sleek, stylish exterior, it never looks tacky on any surface. In fact, it elevates any space it's in, adding a cool modern touch, just like that. And what you choose to do with all that extra clutter-free space is up to you.

With its safe, fast charging abilities, fast shipping, and limited 24-month guarantee, it's easy to see why the StepUp magnetic wireless charging station is becoming such a popular gadget online, earning countless positive reviews. 

For Cyber Monday, you can save an extra 20% off the StepUp Magnetic Wireless Charging Station, making it just $47.99 with code CMSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.