Someone made a custom GameCube controller with literal balls

As MEL Magazine reports, a popular Twitch streamer named Ludwig Ahgren won an Among Us tournament with the prize of a free custom controller, courtesy of a 19-year-old hobbyist designer named Michael.

When Michael asked what kind of custom controller he wanted, Ahgren responded, "Oh, I want a dick and balls." Confused, Michael tried to follow up with Ahgren to make sure he really wanted a controller made to look like a penis. "I reached out to a few of his roommates and they were like, 'Yeah, just run with it,'" he says. "And so, I did exactly that." 

Michael was just days into his freshman year of college, but like many titans of industry before him, he stayed focused on what mattered. "Instead of working on homework, there I was, hunkered down in my dorm trying to design a GameCube controller with a dick and balls," he explains. 

The design wasn't necessarily easy to pull together. As he worked, hours began to turn into days, and discarded sketches, crumpled and thrown away, accumulated in the trash can next to his desk. "Obviously, the balls will be on the controller itself, but [Ahgren] said he wanted a dick and balls — shaft and all," Michael recalls thinking. "How do I make thiswork?" 

This incredible design feat — the process of which is highly detailed at Mel — ended up costing around $500, not counting labor. The balls ended up being sort of rumble pack; as Michael told Mel, "The way you normally hold a controller, your fingers wrap around the back, but because there's something in the way now, you have to kinda move your fingers to… Well, you basically have to wrap your middle finger around the balls."

And here's the monstrosity in all its testicular glory:

The Triumphant Story of the Dick-and-Balls GameCube Controller [Quinn Myers / MEL Magazine]

Image: Alphathon / Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA 3.0)