Two MAGA women disagree on Bill O'Reilly as a potential date in hilarious video

Reptilian by nature, MAGA folk don't usually veer from the thoughts and talking points they have been fed. Guns = Good. Pro-choice = Bad. Bro culture = Good. Etc.

So when pranskter Jason Selvig talks to a couple of Trump supporters about Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly and their "long list of sexual harassment allegations," it's surprising when two Trump supporters disagree with each other.

While one woman states what should be the obvious — that she "absolutely" cares about the allegations — the other one says, "Would I date Bill O'Reilly? Yes."

She then looks into the camera, as if she's looking into O'Reilly's slitted eyes, and mouths out "Call me."

It's worth a watch just to see the look of disgust on her friend's face.