Here's a glimpse into the brain of a flat-earther

Yesterday, The Good Liars (the left-wing comedy duo, consisting of men-on-the-street interviewers Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler) posted this mind-boggling video of a man trying to explain his theories about the sun. The caption read: 

Had a conversation about the sun at a Flat Earth Convention and it almost broke us.

In the video, the man, sporting a tan baseball hat and a long white beard, and holding something in his hand that looks like something you'd smoke (a cigar? a vape pen?) shares his rather, ahem, interesting views:

"Everybody has their own sun, literally"

"There's a sun for everybody."

(When asked, wait, what, how many suns are there?): "As many people who are viewing it."

"The sun's no longer than 50 miles away at any given time."

"The sun is cold."

Watch the video here. I apologize in advance if it breaks your brain.