Limited edition color-shifting turntable designed by Brian Eno

It's already too late to sign up for Brian Eno's colorful, glowing turntable: the limited edition sold out almost as soon as it became available. No price was made public, but Eno prints offered by the same gallery were 1,440 euros ($1,630) a pop. If you have to ask…

Eno collaborated again with the Paul Stolper Gallery in London, this time releasing 50 turntables whose plinth and platter morph into different colors and add a psychedelically visual layer of listening to music. Like the music he pioneered, the turntables create the perfect vibe for a meditative or contemplative atmosphere.


acrylic, LED lights · 420mm x 420mm x 76mm case on 16mm feet with an 18mm clear platter · Total height from top of platter to base 110mm · Edition of 50 · signature and edition number engraved on the back right-hand side · Copyright The Artist