This unique personal fireplace is on sale for under $100

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A cozy, brick fireplace illuminating your dark living room and warming up you and your family is a beautiful picture, especially as the temperature drops. It's antiquated, too. The reality of maintaining a large, built-in fireplace, keeping the chimney clean, and purchasing (or chopping) an ongoing supply of firewood is unrealistic as part of your busy life. 

2022 is just around the corner, and this age-old problem requires a modern solution. The FLÎKR Fire2, an upgraded version of the original, is a sleek, minimalistic, and practical personal fireplace that isn't anchored to your living room. Set it up on your coffee table, in your bedroom, by your shower, or out on the patio. The choice is yours, and the FLÎKR Fire2 can be yours for $89.99, or 9% off. 

The FLÎKR Fire2 uses isopropyl rubbing alcohol for approximately 45-60 minutes of burning time, and you won't have to deal with the downsides of a regular fireplace like excess soot or carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, if you place the FLÎKR Fire2 in a well-ventilated area, soot will only reach where the flames touch. Plus, your furniture will be safe from the flame and heat thanks to the tiny fireplace's thermal barrier.

It's warm enough that you won't need to adjust the temperature in your home, and works just fine (and safely) to do some cooking. Sausages roasted on a stick? Smores during backyard camping with the kiddos? Why not? Use it to cook. Use it to entertain in the winter months. Use it to provide a little decorative (and useful) flair to your living room coffee table.

The FLIKR Fire 2 has all the perks of a larger fireplace without the hassle. Grab one now for $89.99, down from $99. 

Prices subject to change.