Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror on sale again

An obscure classic computer game, Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror, is once again on offer through Steam, GoG and other online storefronts. Long only playable on modern machines with some geeky tinkering around, the modern downloads just work. [via Metafilter]

From the mind of Dr. Timothy Leary comes Mind Mirror, a trippy journey through your own mind. Mind Mirror is not just a game, it is a valuable tool to help you explore your own mind, make decisions, and to envision your ideal self. Play it by yourself or with a group of people to learn more about yourself and others.

Mind Mirror is a fun and nostalgic blast from the 80s, while still serving as a useful tool for self-reflection and exploring your own personality! No matter what, we guarantee that Mind Mirror will be unlike any game you have ever played!

Here's Leary himself explaining the program:

An interesting counterbalance to similar text "games" of the age, such as Alter Ego, which dazzled contemporary critics but were really just Reagan-era conformity training for kids.