See what made David Aja's and Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run so legendary

Comics are a peculiar medium in that they're a combination of two distinct art forms. Modern bias leads most comic fans to value the writing portion of comics more than the art. The industry even furthers this bias by giving comic writers top billing on the cover of virtually every comic book. In my opinion, too many comic fans brush off the art as an ornamental prop that embellishes the story instead of being the spinal column that props up the entire narrative. Comics are a visual medium, and to undervalue the contribution of artists as a vital component in the medium's success is unfair. It's almost like diminishing a member of the Avengers because he fights with a bow and arrow. 

Die-hard comic fans already know about David Aja and Matt Fraction's masterful Hawkeye run, but with the success of the character's Disney + show, the broader Marvel fandom is starting to understand the book's significance. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Strip Panel Naked shows how comic artist David Aja uses his talents to create the illusion of movement on a static comic page. Although Matt Fraction is a crucial part of the creative equation that makes Hawkeye sing, I believe that the book's success falls on Aja's shoulders. Give the video a watch to see what I mean.