How to transport a 17-ton, 50-foot wide magnet halfway across the country?

This video shows how a team of movers dealt with the logistical challenges of moving a 50-foot magnet from Long Island in New York to Fermilab outside of Chicago in 2013. According to RealLifeLore, transporting the huge, heavy, and extremely delicate magnet was "one of the most complicated delivery operations ever attempted in the history of the United States."

The magnet was loaded onto a specially adapted flatbed truck and taken to a nearby marina, where it was tranferred by crane onto a barge. For a month, the barge wended its way southward along the east coast, around Florida, and west to Mobile, Alabama. It then went up the riverway system until it reached Illinois. The magnet was loaded on a truck and delivered to Fermilab about 30 miles away. Upon delivery 3,000 people threw a party to celebrate.