Lufthansa to deaf customer: "please keep trying" to speak with us on the phone

Extraodinary Twitter exchange with a deaf customer who booked a flight on Lufthansa and Lufthansa's social media team who told him that flight changes could only be made by phone.

Customer: @lufthansa hi! I'm deaf and I can't call your service centre in Canada. I need assistance with my booked (rebookable) flight as your online system won't let me to move my rebookable flight at all. It says I must call you! There is no email address! Please help!

Lufthansa: Hello, unfortunately we can not assist you, as the Social Media Team we have no access to the booking system. Please call a Lufthansa Service Centerhttps://bit. ly/ 38VAbbK . Our colleagues will check alternative options for you. /Sina

Customer: Thanks but I can't hear the phone and how can call service centre??

Lufthansa: Rebooking's are strictly done with our Customer Service Team. There is no email for rebooking a ticket. Please keep trying. I am sorry. /Sina

Hey, deaf person, please keep trying to call us on the phone. Maybe you'll get lucky!

Lufthansa sent some pathetic boilerplate to Brianna Wu, who was not the customer, just a retweeter of the exchange between the customer and Lufthansa: