Top talent voice actor demonstrates 10 different speaking tones

Think you have what a takes to be a voice actor? After watching Tawny Platis demonstrate 10 different styles of voiceover delivery, you will quickly disabuse yourself of that conceit. I feel like I've heard her voice all over the place!

The styles are:

  • Text to Speech: "You have to maintain a consistent and clear tone so the program can read anything, which gets really weird in the recording sessions when you're saying words taken from shocking news headlines."
  • Detached casual conversational: "It's supposed to actually sound like a real person talking while they're just mindlessly scrolling."
  • Bright read: "You'll usually hear this when big department stores want you to know that they have denim for the entire family!"
  • Warm read: "You'll hear this when someone is trying to make you feel emotional about animals, coming home for the holidays, or anything else that's meant to make you get just a little misty -eyed."
  • John Krasinski conversational (chatty): "It's when you're just supposed to sound like a guy. Some people might call it a chatty read, and you might hear some little vocal flavorings here and there. This also of course works in a more traditional feminine read, when it's supposed to sound like you're just talking to a friend."
  • Authoritative tone: "When we want you to trust us, because we're confident professional leaders in our field."
  • The Natasha Lyonne sarcastic/wry: "When they want me to sound rye or sarcastic, I call it the Natasha Lyonne Know-It-All tone, and it's an offshoot of the chatty conversational read."
  • Documentary narration: "This specific documentary narration tone is supposed to make you feel awe, wonder, and inspiration when it's set against footage of nature and animals doing incredible things."
  • E-learning and training modules: "This tone for e -learning and training modules is supposed to sound friendly and professional."
  • On hold and voice answering service: "I often call it the Welcome-to-Chase voice. Thank you for calling. I'm really not sure why we're still using this one, because nobody seems to like it."

Platis also offers voiceover coaching, if you think you have what it takes.


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♬ original sound – Tawny Platis

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