Check out this Matrix-inspired trailer for Sonic 2

The fact that Sonic the Hedgehog is a viable blockbuster franchise is somehow both baffling and obvious. Replete with nostalgia and an installed fanbase, the Sonic franchise finding a moment in the Hollywood limelight was inevitable. However, once the first trailer dropped for Sonic's debut on the silver screen, the character's future in Tinseltown was in serious jeopardy. Sonic fans hated Paramount's design so intensely that the studio delayed the film to alter the Hedgehog's appearance.

After recalibrating for the fan backlash, Paramount has turned their marketing faux pas into a plethora of goodwill from Sonic's core fanbase. And judging from the trailer linked above, the studio is starting to understand how to advertise a Sonic film.

In the decade after his video game dominance, Sonic the Hedgehog survived on the internet through a series of ironic memes and self-depreciation. While the trailer linked above doesn't play too heavily into the latter, it's angling hard for the former.