Cop yelling at woman through her apartment door has a surprise in store for her

In this security footage, officer Ian Milburn in Hamilton, Ontario, knocks on a woman's door and asks to talk to her. He notices the camera and alerts his partner to it; she opens the door just a crack, latched. It becomes clear that the officer is there to give her a warning from her own landlord and that he doesn't want to hear a word she has to say.

If it seems like just another blandly unpleasant record of a hostile, disrespectful cop berating and threatening someone for no just reason, watch to the end for a surprise.

Spoilers below….

A Hamilton police officer has been placed on probation for 18 months after pleading guilty to assault for lunging at a woman in February 2021.

Court documents viewed by CBC Hamilton show Const. Ian Milburn has nine conditions to his probation issued on Nov. 10. They include:

Writing an apology letter to the woman he lunged at.

Avoiding all contact with her (except in an unavoidable emergency).

Attending anger management classes.

Completing 150 hours of community service.

CBC News has agreed to withhold the woman's name due to safety concerns. 

The woman said "she'll be framing Milburn's apology letter."

Moreover, this is not Milburn's only rodeo: he is the star of another front-page story about his behavior published by The Hamilton Spectator: "Officer denies excessive force, racial slurs."

Const. Ian Milburn denied he used excessive force, racial slurs or threatened to punch Rikki Jeremiah in the face during a late-night police stop in Hamilton's downtown six years ago.

Jeremiah, a 50-year-old black preacher with the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Hamilton Mountain, is suing Milburn and four other Hamilton police officers for assault, false arrest and violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms over an altercation that took place early on Feb. 13, 2012.