McCarthy says he'll oust Ilhan Omar and 2 other Democrats from spots on committees if GOP wins

If the GOP takes back control of the House in November, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Breitbart he's already planning on removing at least three Democrats — Ilhan Omar, Adam Schiff, and Eric Swalwell — from their committee assignments.

"If Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the private sector, there is no reason why he should be given one to be on Intel or Homeland Security. He will not be serving there," McCarthy said.

"Ilhan Omar should not be serving on Foreign Affairs," he continued.

"You look at Adam Schiff, he should not be serving on Intel when he has openly, knowingly now used a fake dossier, lied to the American public in the process, and doesn't have any ill will, says he wants to continue to do it," McCarthy inaccurately said.

Schiff, who has defended his Steele Dossier comments in the past, responded to McCarthy's comments in an email, according to The Hill. "This is yet another reason why a Republican majority must never happen," he said. "McCarthy knows that I will never shy away from my committee oversight responsibilities. That I will always stand up to him, and expose his duplicity to the American people."