Watch: New Zealand antivaxxer gets tasered for being a violent covidiot

Anti-vaxxer Brad Flutey, who missed his calling as a Zach Galifianakis impersonator, received a police tasering outside a liquor store in Whangārei, New Zealand. Officers were called to the scene after complaints were made about Flutey hassling employees who told him to wear a mask.

Flutey, a notorious antivaxxer, QAnon rally attendee, and political candidate, can be seen fighting with officers trying to arrest him. This video was reportedly shot by Flutey's laughing daughter, who was sitting in a car loaded with rolled-up carpeting, which adds greatly to the viewing enjoyment.

From IBI Times:

In the video, two uniformed officers and a third in plain clothing can be seen surrounding Flutely in the mall car park as he shouts "I'm not under arrest, I've not committed crimes." Flutely then throws a punch at one officer and kicks another to the ground.

According to reports, the footage was being recorded by Flutely's daughter, who can be heard chuckling about the incident in the background. Police have not charged him yet.