Keep your cool on-the-go with this portable fridge and freezer for $99 off

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If you're an adventurous type and constantly find yourself in the middle of nature, then you're no stranger to the trials of packing gear for your excursions. The hardest part can be packing food that either doesn't perish, or finding ways to keep it fresh when you're away from the conveniences of modern refrigeration. Now, you don't have to compromise, and you can keep your food fresher, longer with the ICECO JP40.

The ICECO JP: 40L Portable Fridge Freezer is the ultimate solution to keeping items cold when you're on the go. This portable fridge and freezer can hold up to 40L of stock and will keep it cold or frozen wherever you go. It runs only on a SECOP compressor for optimum energy efficiency, which means there's no ice needed at all to keep it functioning! It couldn't be easier to use: simply set the JP40 to your desired temperature, and the machine will do the rest. When the desired temp is reached, it will stop operating, and it's smart enough to kick back on when it increases between six- and nine-degrees Fahrenheit.

The JP40 comes equipped with easy-to-use controls that allow you to adjust your temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The inside also has an LED-light so you won't be rummaging around for your items in the dark. Additionally, a removable basket will help you easily stock and organize your items.

Durable, thick, and reliable, the JP40 is built to last, and to handle the toughest conditions, even as extreme as when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. If you need proof, it's received heaps of awards for its design such as the International Design Excellence Award 2018, and the Reddot Design Award 2019 to name a few.

Right now, Boing Boing adventurers can pick up this must have refrigeration unit for a massive discount. Originally priced at $529, if you use coupon code ICE99 at checkout you can grab this item for only $430!

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