Morrissey just published a scathing open letter to Johnny Marr: "Stop using my name as click-bait"

Right wing whiner and not-so-charming man Morrissey just published an "open letter" to his former Smiths bandmate, legendary guitarist Johnny Marr, requesting that he stop taking Moz's name in vain. From Morrissey's missive posted on Morrissey Central:

The fact is: you don't know me.  You know nothing of my life, my intentions, my thoughts, my feelings.  Yet you talk as if you were my personal psychiatrist with consistent and uninterrupted access to my instincts.  We haven't known each other for 35 years – which is many lifetimes ago.  When we met you and I were not successful.  We both helped each other become whatever it is we are today.  Can you not just leave it at that?  Must you persistently, year after year, decade after decade, blame me for everything … from the 2007 Solomon Islands tsunami to the dribble on your grandma's chin ? 

Johnny Marr responded with a Tweet: "An 'open letter' hasn't really been a thing since 1953, It's all 'social media' now. Even Donald J Trump had that one down. Also, this fake news business…a bit 2021 yeah?"

From The Guardian:

[Marr's] offending remarks appear to come from the March 2022 issue of Uncut magazine, in which he mentions Morrissey in a discussion about collaboration.

"It won't come as any surprise when I say that I'm really close with everyone I've worked with – except for the obvious one," he said. "And that isn't that much of a surprise because we're so different, me and Morrissey."

Marr is a left-wing, teetotal vegan who runs 10 miles a day. Morrissey has descended into infamy for his remarks on race and politics.

After Stormzy headlined Glastonbury in 2019, Morrissey shared a video that accused the British establishment of using the rapper to promote multiculturalism at the expense of British culture, which Morrissey posted under the title: "Nothing but blue skies for Stormzy … the gallows for Morrissey." He has frequently denied accusations of racism.

He has referred to Hitler as "left wing"praised Brexitexpressed support for the far-right political party For Britaincriticised sexual assault survivors and said that immigration diminishes British identity.