Man who made a "sick" face while groping flight attendant earns six months in prison

Enio Socorro Zayas has been banned from molesting flight attendants for six months. The 50-year-old Canadian gentleman, who was convicted of assaulting an American Airlines flight attendant by groping her buttocks, will serve his sentence in a U.S. penitentiary.

From CNN:

According to an affidavit in support of the criminal complaint, the flight attendant, believing Zayas was asleep, placed a snack package on his lap. When she turned away, the flight attendant "felt a hand grip the bottom of her thigh and move upwards towards the lower portion of her buttocks before rubbing firmly from side to side," the affidavit reads.

From Insider:

Once the plane landed in Miami, the flight attendant spoke to law enforcement. The investigating officer also spoke with another passenger who was sitting in a nearby aisle seat and corroborated the stewardess' account, saying she saw Zayas touch the woman's buttocks inappropriately with a "sick" expression on his face.