Here's an awesome jazz cover of Final Fantasy VII's Those Who Fight

Every avid gamer has a story about a specific video game that forced them to fall in love with the genre. A video game that helped them envision gaming as an art form as opposed to mindless entertainment. For me, that game was Metal Gear Solid. However, for millions of other gamers in my age bracket, Final Fantasy VII is the definitive example of video games achieving heights of narrative brilliance similar to those showcased in cinema. When one encounters a game like that, there isn't an aspect of it that's not grafted to your grey matter like gum on a high school desk. And that goes double when it comes to the music from a video game.

If Final Fantasy VII is your proverbial jam, then I'm sure you'll dig this jam from the Consouls that turns the beloved battle theme into a jazzy hit. The Consoul's version of the song functions similarly to Final Fantasy VII's impact on the mind of the developing gamer. The rendition elevates the track from a fun song from FF7's soundtrack into a beautiful piece of art.