Kayleigh McEnany turned over texts that show Sean Hannity as her second boss

It would be horrific enough to have Trump as your boss. But then to also take orders from Sean Hannity, acting as manager, would be hell twice over.

Kayleigh McEnany, who was in the White House during the Capitol insurrection, turned over text messages to the Jan. 6 committee after being subpoenaed in November. And among them, texts between her and Sean Hannity, which were made public, show how the Fox "News" host outlined the White House "playbook" for her.

According to ABC, here is the exchange:

Hannity: "1 – no more stolen election talk. 2- Yes, impeachment and the 25th amendment are real and many people will quit."

McEnany: "Love that. Thank you. That is the playbook. I will help reinforce…."

From ABC:

A source familiar with her interactions with the committee has told ABC News that text messages from McEnany's phone were quoted in a recent letter the committee sent to Ivanka Trump. The texts came directly from documents turned over by McEnany, said the source. …

McEnany did not respond to calls and messages from ABC News seeking comment or to an email sent to a spokesperson for Fox News, where McEnany currently co-hosts the show "Outnumbered."

McEnany appeared virtually before investigators for several hours on Jan. 13, according to a source familiar with her testimony, and did not appear that day on her midday Fox News program.

The committee was interested in her repeated false claims of widespread voter fraud from the White House Briefing Room podium, and in her interactions with Trump on Jan. 6, according to a letter the committee sent to McEnany along with the subpoena.

In addition to text messages and any other materials McEnany turned over to the committee, investigators are expected to receive her White House files from the National Archives, some of the many White House records Trump unsuccessfully tried to prevent the Archives from sharing with Congress.